Monsters and their garden pals!

Monsters! Roar! ROOOOWR! Roooooar! Oh no scary! Super scary! What are you going to do! Find your friends! Call your parents! Stay home from school! Hide under the covers! Lock the doors! Creepy characters are under the bed! They're in the garden with the slugs and snails! Aw, not to worry. These little fellows are always doing something cute or funny. Some of them sing and dance. None of them are very scary, although everybody can be grumpy sometimes. Most of the time they are just kinda cute. Even the scariest monster ever is pretty darn cute.

Doo-wap idoopy doo, bodoowapa doopaoop!

Skiddy dee doo dah ba uh buh doopida pow up idoobida pow! The world is a wonderful place if you're a slug.

© 2014 Kristen Ankiewicz.
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