All the monsters, slugs, snails and gnomes live in a great big green garden.

The garden is grassy and green and you never know what kind of shenanigans are taking place. Smuckles von Smee lives there with all his pals.

Meet the garden critters!

The Garden is where all the monsters, slugs,
gnomes, and  other creatures live
  • Smuckles the orange slug
  • Bananas the yellow banana slug
  • Rosie the pink slug
  • The very large and ponderous snail Sherman
  • Mr. Gnome the garden gnome who likes to keep things orderly
  • Gus the slug who lives behind Mr. Gnome's cap
  • Sluggo the jazz slug who can really carry a tune
  • Sluggo's cousin Snailio the snail
  • Wormboo the worm

The garden is full of all kinds of other critters including alligators, bugs, frogs, salamanders and snakes! The garden is full of tall grass where the monsters can hide, and mud puddles where the slugs and frogs can splish and splash and splorsh to their heart's content. Monsters like making noise. Inspecting and maintaining mud puddles is a very serious business in the garden. Don't forget to wear your galoshes.