Dress up! Mildred likes to be fashionable

Put together an outfit for Mildred, who likes to dress up. Move the hats, dresses and shoes anywhere you want in the animation below. Press the button to hear her speak! Wait, what's going on. Has Sluggo taken over the closet? Dress him up too! Put Mildred in cute hats and shoes and skirts. She is a big diva and she loves to be fashionable. This is one of her favorite closets. There are lots of accessories to choose from. Don't be afraid to put more than one hat on her! Save your creation and send it to us for showing off.

Mildred is a big diva and she loves to be fashionable. Here is her closet full of hats, skirts, and shoes.

So many hats and only one head, what to do, what to do.

What a terrible predicament! She needs more occasions to wear her lovely outfits. Or more heads, for all those hats! She certainly needs more closets for all those shoes and skirts and hats.

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