Snailio the Snail

Snailio the Snail is from France. He enjoys hiding in his shell, eating cheese, and splashing in the mud.
Snailio the Snail

Bon jour! I am a simple snail, with the simple dreams and goals. Give me le mud and le cheese (fromage) and le good crunchy baguettes and I am le happy.

Smuckles and Snailio play in the mud

Smuckles and Snailio love playing in the mud. SPLORSH! Splash! BLERP! Muddy puddles are the best! Smuckles and Snailio sure are muddying it up in here. They are on a camping adventure with Sherman, Bananas, Sluggo, Rosie, and other pals from the garden. Read all about it in Smuckles’ Garden Camping Adventures.

Smuckles goes camping with five of his best friends!

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Smuckles’ Garden Camping Adventures is available in paperback as well as Kindle format. This fun preschool/kindergarten picture book about camping has been revised and updated. It’s full of shenanigans, silliness, and sound effects for reading out loud. It has bright and funny pictures! The slug and snail friends have a grand old time camping on the far side of the garden. There’s a surprise at the end!

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