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Smuckles' Garden Camping Adventures is available in paperback as well as Kindle format. This fun preschool/kindergarten picture book about camping has been revised and updated. It's full of shenanigans, silliness, and sound effects for reading out loud. It has bright and funny pictures! The slug and snail friends have a grand old time camping on the far side of the garden. There's a surprise at the end! Smuckles goes on a camping adventure with Sherman, Bananas, Snailio, and other pals from the garden.


"We absolutely love Smuckles von Smee and his pals! My two adult daughters and I bring our plush Smuckles and his accompanying book with us every time we go camping. He is just too cute, and we love this story about him. 10/10 highly recommend! The adorability can't be beat :)"

"A really awesome book about slugs going camping, my daughter loves it and it's in the top rotation of bedtime story books. The pictures are colorful and funny to look at, since there's all kinds of details hidden that you miss the first time around, but see it the next time you're reading it. A nice book about the great outdoors, especially nowadays when kids just don't go on camping trips much anymore."