Frog Monster

Frog Monster likes mud, puddles, splashing, and hiding behind plants and rocks. He likes to make noises like “blorp”.

Frog Monster chats with Snailio the Snail

Mud and dirt and goop and glorp! Frog and Snailio love to talk about swampy squishy things. Bloop! Blorp. Splish! There are lots of sounds in their puddles and swampy places. SPLASH. Splish. Mud is made of dirt and water but it can also have decaying plant bits, fresh plant bits, and even bits of fruit. Frogs and snails LOVE hanging out in this environment!

What kind of noises does your pond make, Frog?

Snailio is a snail from France. He has simple dreams and goals in life. He likes cheese.

Bloop! Blorp. Splish! What about the muddy puddle where you live, Snailio?

Mr. Frog likes goop and swamps and hiding behind plants

Woooosh! Ga-lump! Pssshhhhh. Splorsh! Blorp. Splish! Swooosh.

Woooosh! Ga-lump! Pssshhhhh. Splorsh! Blorp. Splish! Swooosh.

Splash! Splish. Splooooosh. Glorp! Tee hee hee. Glarp! Splish! Splosh! Tee hee.

Splash! Splish. Splooooosh. Tee hee.

Bloork!! Borka-borka-borka SPLORSH! Indeed.

Borka-borka-borka SPLORSH

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