Cranky Clam burps

Cranky clam cartoon clam. Burp. He ate too many jellybeans

Burp! Oh excuse me.

My name is Cranky Clam and I ate too many jelly beans at the picnic. I am CRANKY!


Cranky clam is the surliest clam this side of the Atlantic. Don’t mess with him, CAPISCE? You and all your silly cheerful friends better stay clear because he’ll bring all his clam mooks and they’ll get all the silt of the bay on your shoes. Yes they will. And then they’ll spit yucky bay water at you. Then he’ll snap at you, quickly, like clams do, have you ever seen a clam do that? Well they do and it’s not very pleasant. Cranky Clam is really not a very pleasant critter. In fact he’s very morose.

You’re just lucky he even said EXCUSE ME.

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