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Sherman's Amazing Garden

Sherman's Amazing Garden is a book about Sherman's favorite spot, the backyard garden, and all his pals. This wonderfully illustrated picture book is perfect for toddlers and is available on for only $7.47. It features your favorite characters Sherman and Smuckles, as well as Perry the flying pink pig, and many other fabulous friends! There are delightful colorful drawings and surprises on every page. You can order this picture book directly from Amazon.

Perry the pig flies high over Sherman in the garden. This
picture book has tons of colorfully detailed drawings.

Smuckles' Garden Camping Adventures

Smuckles' book about camping has been revised and updated! This book is full of shenanigans, silliness, and sound effects! The slugs have a grand ol' time camping on the far side of the garden. There's a surprise at the end! Buy your copy on for only $8.85!

Smuckles goes camping with five of  his best friends!

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